Culture Theme membership

The Culture Theme’s membership scheme is designed to keep you up to date with relevant events and opportunities in the area of Culture research.

Culture Theme In Depth page. December 2018

It also gives you opportunities to network with colleagues across the University who share your interests, and to increase your visibility as a researcher, both within and outside our institution. 

Members of the scheme will receive:

  • Culture Theme bulletins updating members about forthcoming events and opportunities
  • prioritised access to relevant themed/targeted Culture Theme events (conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and sandpits), plus the opportunity to help shape the focus and scope of these sessions
  • the ability to apply for the Culture Theme Pump Priming scheme
  • opportunities to meet, network and collaborate with fellow researchers of culture from across the University
  • targeted information on funding opportunities and (where resources allow) support with the development of large interdisciplinary research funding proposals; and
  • access to professional development opportunities, such as training, knowledge and skills sharing.
Please complete this online form to become a member of the Culture Theme. By doing so, you are indicating that you’re willing to receive our communications, as described above. 

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