Enhancing student education

The Vice Chancellor’s Executive Group has approved a programme of work to enhance student education and promote the University through the increased use of audio and video.


This programme will provide the capability to capture, manage, store and deliver multimedia resources created during teaching and events, at desktops, during interactive teaching sessions and videoconferencing calls.

The Digital Learning Programme comprises four strands; Lecture Capture, Multimedia Management, Desktop Videoconferencing and Interactive Sessions.  The strands will be delivered as separate projects over the next 6 to 18 months. Lecture capture capability will be available in Central Teaching Spaces for the start of the 14/15 academic session.

Lecture Capture project

The lecture capture project provides the capability for lectures to be recorded in all centrally managed teaching spaces capturing the key aural and visual elements of a lecture for students to replay via the VLE.  The system will be linked to the timetabling software to allow automated recordings of lectures, where this has been agreed in advance. In addition, staff will be able to make their own ad-hoc recordings in teaching spaces or by using software on their desktop PC, laptop or mac for publication to the VLE. The lecture capture system will also be valuable for recording research seminars, events and other University activities

More information about the educational value of recording lectures, the processes for scheduling lecture recordings and the policy on audio and video recordings for educational purposes will be provided shortly.

Colleagues will be offered Faculty-based training and support during 2014 in preparation for the availability of the lecture capture system.

Lecture Capture procurement

Procurement of the lecture capture system is underway and, following the first stage of the tender process, four suppliers have been shortlisted.  A number of colleagues from across the University are involved in the on-going procurement process.  The Lecture Capture Procurement Group will be meeting in early December to agree how many of the four suppliers to take through to the detailed bid evaluation stage.  At the moment the identity of the bidding vendors is confidential as a number of business sensitive discussions are still on-going.

As part of the evaluation, there will be an opportunity for colleagues with an interest in Lecture Capture to attend presentations by the suppliers on the following dates:

Vendor 1 – 6 December 15:30 – 16:30  Cancelled

Vendor 2 – 10 December 15:30 – 16:30 Location: Beech Grove Room, University House

Vendor 3 – 12 December 15:30 – 16:30 Location: G.18 Hillary Place  

Vendor 4 – 13 December 15:30 – 16:30 Location: Blenheim Terrace Seminar Room 1.16

The suppliers will be demonstrating how their solution will deliver against a number of functional requirements. Immediately after each session, participants will be asked to complete an evaluation of the supplier’s product.  

For more details about the lecture capture project please contact John Lynch, Lecture Capture Project Manager.

For more information on the Digital Learning Programme, please see the relevant In Depth section.