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eNews is our weekly newsletter sharing major University announcements, policies, developments, dates, deadlines, success stories and ‘calls to action’ that are relevant to colleagues. 

If you would like to request an eNews entry or discuss a possible contribution, please contact us in advance of the submission deadline (the Friday before the relevant Wednesday circulation date) so we can advise you on our editorial and content guidelines.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, eNews entries should be no more than 60-70 words long, as these are designed to be bite-sized chunks of news linking to other trusted sources (such as University websites) for full details.

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eNews 30 November

Futures Institutes, transformation, Knowledge Equity Network launch, THE Digital Universities UK, sustainable curriculum, Campus Live, discounted meals and more

eNews 23 November

Decolonising the curriculum, staff celebrations, Disability History Month, Campus Live, Climate Plan, industrial action, Wider Wallet, Fresh Start Festival, research podcasts, events and more.

Industrial action

Email sent to all staff by Jennifer Sewel, University Secretary, on Wednesday 16 November.

eNews 16 November

eNews: Transformation, cost of living support, Campus Live, COP27, industrial action FAQs, 100 Black Women Professors Now!, UK Disability History Month, University Carol Service and more

Additional cost of living support for our community

Email sent to all staff by Professor Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Chancellor, on Friday 11 November.

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