Funding from Education Partnerships in Africa

Education Partnerships in Africa (EPA) is pleased to invite applications for funding under Round 3 for HE and FE institutions in England and HE institutions in Northern Ireland (details given below).

Applications from English institutions must be received no later than 5 May 2009

Proposals for Round 3 must focus on employability and/or entrepreneurship and must show evidence that they have explored the needs and labour market demand within the African context. Engagement by employers, social enterprises and other organisations is also central.

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The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) is investing GBP 4.5 million in EPA projects over the period 2008 to 2011. The British Council is also working towards EPA outcomes in England and sub-Saharan Africa.

EPA will provide pump-prime funding for English higher education (HE) and further education (FE) institutions to develop effective partnerships with sub-Saharan African HE and FE institutions.

Outcomes will include:

- employment, entrepreneurship and skills training programmes for
sub-Saharan African students leading to gainful employment

- sustainable capacity developed in sub-Saharan HE and FE colleges
through contribution to the development of staff, their professional
skills and international competencies in the areas of employability
skills, social enterprise and entrepreneurship

- partnerships which contribute to the broader employability and
entrepreneurship agenda in sub-Saharan Africa

- engagement of employers and social enterprises in education

- models of good practice for education co-operation between English
and African institutions.

Guidelines for applicants and application forms may be downloaded from

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