Petition to the Visitor list of correspondence

The Visitor has dismissed the petition brought by Dr John Illingworth with the support of UCU.

As previously reported, the petition claimed that we had bypassed the body responsible for our academic mission, the Senate, in respect of restructuring in the Faculty of Biological Sciences and the School of Healthcare. The Visitor has unequivocally rejected that complaint.

We believe UCU's complaint to be wholly misconceived and will be mounting a robust defence. Its timing - in the middle of arbitration talks through ACAS - is deplorable.

Below is a list of correspondence between the University, the Visitor and UCU:

UCU lawyer Michael Scott's letter to the Vice-Chancellor (17 December 2009)

University Secretary Roger Gair's response (9 January 2010)

The petition of Dr John Illingworth to the Lord President of the Council as Visitor to the University of Leeds

University response to the Petition (28 January 2010)
Annexes to the response (28 January 2010)

Petition to the Visitor press statement (2 February 2010)

Letter from the Visitor (12 February 2010)

Response to the Visitor from University Secretary Roger Gair (25 March 2010)

Petitioner's reply to the University of Leeds response (7 May 2010)

Comments on the Petitioner's reply (18 May 2010)

Sir Roy Beldam's advice to the Visitor (29 May 2010)

Letter to UCU lawyer Michael Scott from the Visitor (29 June 2010)

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