Web toolkit

To help create greater consistency on the web across the faculties and services we have produced a web toolkit. This will help staff to update their sites in line with the University’s website.

The development of the toolkit has been a consultative process with Faculty Marketing Managers, IT and web people across the University. ISS has created the toolkit with help from UBER, who helped develop the new corporate website. The toolkit is available on the comms website.

We understand that faculties and schools have different resource and specialist knowledge and some are already looking at refreshing their web pages, whilst others will need more time. A deadline of 24 months for implementation is therefore proposed.

Information sessions for faculty staff will be held on 24 March and for services staff on 7 April. These sessions will be for marketing managers, communications staff, designers, IT specialists and web designers and implementers. They will include some background regarding the development of the corporate website, implementation, the quality assurance process and a chance to ask some technical questions. If you would like to attend one of these sessions, please email webcomms.

A briefing session for external designers and web designers on the frame work took place recently to enable them to help staff with design using the assets.

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