Pay less for your Edge membership

The University is pleased to confirm the expansion of Benefits + to include access to sports membership through the Salary Sacrifice Scheme.

For most staff this means a reduction in the cost of the membership (on average) of between 30%-40% (subject to individual circumstances). A commitment for 12 months to the membership is required by HMRC regulations.

If you wish to purchase a sports membership and take advantage of this scheme, please visit (go to the staff membership section) for more information on how to join or email

Please be aware that the deadline for memberships to be processed in the October pay run is 15 September and forms must be signed in person at The Edge.

NB Sport & Physical Activity are unable to tell you exactly how much you will save or how much your membership will cost through salary sacrifice. Payroll, pensions and HR are also unable to give you this information. The best way to estimate the saving is to use an online net pay calculator to work out what your net pay would be before sports membership deduction and then after.

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