Beware of phishing scams - Updated

Over the weekend (22/23 August) the University was again targeted by a phishing scam.

This was an email with an attachment which appeared to be a letter from the University webmaster asking users to click on a link ( and enter their username and password (similar to this letter).

Never click on links in emails asking you to enter your password or personal information. Type the address into your browser.

If anyone has already responded to this message, please contact the ISS Help Desk immediately.

Avoiding phishing scams

The University is continually being targeted by spoof (phishing) emails designed to trick you in to giving up your username, password, or personal financial information.

Some individual's accounts within the University have already been compromised, causing both the University and individual serious disruption and inconvenience.

Don't let it happen to you:

  • Never disclose your personal details in a reply to an email
  • Never click on links in emails; always type the address into your web browser.

Remember, University of Leeds website addresses always contain in the first part of the address (eg or

If you are unsure if an email is genuine, or think you might have replied to a phishing email please contact the ISS Help Desk (, Tel 33333).

Many thanks
Roger Gair, Secretary to the University.

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