118 800 mobile phone directory

You may have seen emails about a new mobile phone directory from ‘118 800’.

Many people have objected to this as being an infringement of their privacy, but the Information Commissioner has ruled that the service will comply with the law.

118 800 do not give out mobile phone numbers, but for a £1.00 fee will connect you - but only if the person you want to speak to will accept your call.

If you want your mobile number to be ex-directory, visit the 118 800 website and register for ex-directory listing.

You might receive spam emails about this service which include links to spoof 118 800 websites. Do not click on links embedded in these emails - they might contain viruses or other malware. You can easily find the correct website by typing '118 800' into your Google search bar.

Kevin Darley
IT Security Co-ordinator

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