Change to spam filter

ISS have made a change to the Puremessage spam filter to try to catch spam messages coming from University accounts which have been compromised by phishing.

If an email:

  1. has a SPAM probability of greater than or equal to 50% and
  2. is sent to 20 or more recipients and
  3. originates from the webmail servers (rather than being sent from the full Outlook client)

it will be rejected with the following message:
"Your email has been rejected because it appears to be SPAM. If you feel this is incorrect please contact, including this message."

These criteria have been set after analysing emails sent over the past few weeks and should minimise the chance of any genuine messages being blocked.

We would like to apologise for the lack of advance notice and consultation but it was felt that with the long weekend approaching steps needed to be taken.

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