Senate Election Results

In the recent election to the Senate by individual faculties, the following have been elected. Appointments are for a period of three years, unless otherwise stated.

Dr Simon Hall
Dr Matthew Treherne
Dr John McLeod (2)
Dr Paul Rowe (2)
Dr Brendon Nicholls (1) 

Education, Social Sciences and Law
Dr Jelke Boesten
Professor Kevin Theakston
Mrs Ann Blair (2)
Professor Ray Bush (2)

Dr Alan Gadian

Biological Sciences
Professor Elwyn Isaac
Dr Emanuel Paci
Professor Richard Killington (1)

Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Dr Hugo Christenson
Dr Sarah Staniland

Professor Rik Brydson
Dr Philip Hobley
Dr Kevin McEvoy

Medicine and Health
Dr Felicity Astin
Dr Trevor Batten
Mrs Janet Holt
Dr Reinhard Huss
Dr Paul Marshall
Dr Shupikai Rinomhota

Performance, Visual Arts & Communications
Mr Mike Sheedy

Professor Jeremy Clegg
Dr Quentin Outram (2)

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