Facilities Directorate

The new Facilities Directorate, led by Dennis Hopper, will bring together Estate Services, Residential and Commercial Services (RCS) and Sport and Physical Activity (SPA) with effect from 1 August.

The rationale for this merger is to improve consistency and service delivery and increase efficiency. This will involve looking at processes and services which are currently managed separately by each service within the Facilities Directorate to see how things can be done more efficiently including eliminating any duplication.

The Directorate consists of four main services and the heads of these services and their responsibilities are:

Madeleine Aziz-Brook, Head of Campus Support Services
Madeleine will continue to be responsible for the 'soft' FM support services such as security, cleaning, print and teaching support etc., and other internal business support functions. She also takes on responsibility for communications and administrative support for the Directorate.

Stewart Ross, Head of Commercial Services
Stewart will continue to have responsibility for sport and physical activity and takes on catering, conference and event management, and sales and marketing for these functions.

Steve Gilley, Head of Estates
Steve will continue to be responsible for the development and maintenance of the University's estate. He also has responsibility for facilities related health & safety and sustainability.

Ian Robertson, Head of Residential Accommodation
Ian becomes responsible for managing the University's owned and operated student accommodation. Supported by the service's Accommodation Services Manager he will oversee the pastoral care, welfare and discipline of resident students.

The changes follow the retirement of Director of Estates Robert Sladdin on 31 July. From August, Robert will return on the basis of two days a week to provide advice and support during the transition period and will remain involved in a number of strategically important university groups and committees.

Initially there will be no major changes to the way in which services are provided but there will be regular updates to ensure that future changes are clearly communicated. The day-to-day contacts for the main customer facing services, such as, catering, sport, conferencing and estates helpdesk will not change.

A website for the Facilities Directorate will be developed within the year; however, for now brief information about the revised structure, key contacts and services can be found at

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