Pay negotiations & jobs: FAQs & update

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) made a 'final' pay offer of 0.5% and put forward proposals for dealing with a number of sector issues at a meeting with trade unions.

UCEA's press release about the offer and the proposals is available on their website

There have been a series of national meetings facilitated by reconciliation service ACAS following the unions' rejection of an increased pay offer of 0.4% at national negotiations on 19 May. An initial offer of 0.3% made on 27th April.

Further background is available in our Frequently asked questions at:

The University's position on the issues under discussion is outlined in an open letter from Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Arthur to campus trades unions. Read the text of the letter at An extract of the Vice-Chancellor's statement to Senate on 10 June 2009 is available at:

More information about the offers and the unions' responses are available at the following websites:

Universities and Colleges Employers Association
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First published: 20 May 2009

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