Universities UK response to Reform A-levels report

Press release issued by Universities UK

Universities UK has responded today (Wednesday) to a new report by Reform which suggests that universities should take control of A-levels.

Commenting on the report, Diana Warwick, Chief Executive, Universities UK, said: "It's vital that all universities can identify the best fit between course and student. The A-level result is still one of the best predictors in measuring skills and knowledge, but is only one of a number of factors that universities take into account when selecting students. Others include the personal statement, school recommendation and educational context, interviews in some subjects, and relevant skills.

"The higher education sector is engaged in the developments to revise A-levels and in developing other 14-19 curriculum reforms. This work continues through universities' involvement in the Higher Education Engagement Project Board organised through the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

"We support the revised specifications to the A levels as these will aid differentiation as will the Extended Project, and the inclusion of optional harder questions in A-level papers.

"In the context of these developments, universities would have to consider the proposals set out in Reform's report carefully. Admissions practitioners will have an opportunity to discuss this at the Universities UK conference on 14-19 reforms taking place this Friday."

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