Phishing emails - new attack

We are currently under attack from an email phishing scam which appears to come from the address with the subject: "Your mailbox storage has been exceeded"

Please ignore and delete this email. If you have responded to the e-mail please get in touch with the Help Desk ( or x33333) immediately.

The University is continually targeted by phishing emails. If you think you have clicked on a link in any phishing email or replied to it, please contact the ISS Help Desk immediately (, Tel x33333).

Some phishing emails are easy to spot - dubious subject lines, bad spelling or grammar, and so on, but some are very convincing. They often use genuine logos and appear to have links to genuine sites. Here are some things to look out for:

  • The University (or any other reputable company) won't ask you to reply to an email with your username, password or other information like bank account details in an email. NEVER reply to these emails.
  • If you are asked to click on a link, check the address first by hovering over it. University of Leeds web addresses always have '' in the first part of the address -between http:// and the next '/'
  • Don't fill in any attached forms that ask for your username and password or other details. We will never ask for your details in this way

Note: Phishing emails often say your inbox is full, or you are over quota. If your account is genuinely reaching its quota, Exchange users will receive an email explaining how to archive items and how to request an increase. Student webmail users will not receive any such emails.

More information

For more information see the IT security website -

Remember - if in doubt, don't reply! Contact the Help Desk

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