Budget 2010

The government has acknowledged that universities are important in a ‘strategy for economic growth’.

It's too early to say how the additional student numbers for science and engineering subjects will affect us, or the shape of the efficiency improvements the government is seeking. 

No 'new' cuts were announced in the budget, although major threats remain including; further cuts to higher education funding for 2010 onwards in a July Budget in the event of a change of government, and the likelihood of substantial cuts to 'non-protected' government departments through a Comprehensive Spending Review towards the end of the year.
All parties have also warned of further, far reaching cuts whatever party wins the election.

The cuts announced to date could equate cumulatively to a reduction in government funding for Leeds of between £14-18m a year by 2013.

The University continues to make the case for higher education, and campaigns vigorously against the possibility of further reductions, on top of the cuts totalling around £1bn that have already been announced.

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