By-elections to the Senate

At their meetings in June and July 2010, the Senate and the Council approved proposals from the Senate Review Group to re-balance the numbers of ex-officio and elected members.

To do this it added 9 seats to the current elected membership. As a consequence, by-elections now need to be held before the usual 2nd term Senate elections to fill these places.

Below is the timetable for by-elections to the Senate by all faculties and faculty constituencies; appointments are to be with effect from the conclusion of the relevant election and for the period stipulated on the nomination form. If you will not be in the University at the times stipulated and wish to either nominate someone or be nominated yourself, please contact Helen Pickersgill in the Secretariat in the first instance (ext 34036). 

Election by all faculties to the Senate
Nomination Forms dispatched on Monday 27 September for return by Friday 8 October (15 October for Medicine and Health due to delay in despatch).
Ballot Forms dispatched on Monday 25 October for return by Friday 5 November.

Election by individual Faculties to the Senate
Nomination Forms dispatched on Monday 15 November for return by Friday 26 November.
Ballot Forms dispatched on Monday 6 December for return by Friday 17 December.

For more information contact Tel: 34036

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