Removing Resit Fees - Joint University of Leeds and LUU statement

Removal of resit fees underscores University's commitment to remove barriers to education.

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Today, we are pleased to announce a significant decision made in collaboration between the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union (LUU): the complete removal of fees for resit assessments for all taught students. 

This change, which comes into effect from today, is a direct response to student feedback about ongoing cost of living challenges and the hidden costs of studying, reflecting our commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and equitable learning environment at Leeds. 

The University of Leeds is committed to reducing inequalities in higher education at every stage of the student journey. We work closely with our students to understand their experiences and opinions and make sure they influence University strategies and policies. Our ambition is to create a strong sense of belonging at Leeds by ensuring that all students feel supported throughout their time with us.   

We know that the cost of resits may have a greater impact on some students more than others, for example if they are already accessing financial assistance, come from a low-income background, or don’t have financial support from their family. An unexpected cost such as a resit fee might determine whether or not they choose to continue with their studies.   

We also know that having to pay resit fees can add to the mental and emotional stress they may already be facing because their assessments haven’t gone to plan. 

Therefore, this decision to remove resit fees is part of our desire to provide students from all backgrounds with fair opportunities to study and thrive at Leeds.  

The University is also continuing to work to improve progression and assessment practices.  This work, designed to maximise progression between years, includes curriculum and assessment redesign as part of the student education strategy and targeted interventions to identify and support students who may be at risk of failing modules and requiring resits.   

This decision to remove resit fees aligns with the core principles of the Leeds Partnership, an agreed shared set of expectations between the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union, as well as our pledge to actively listen to and reflect on student feedback. It underscores our commitment to removing barriers to education, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed and contribute to shaping a better future for themselves and for the University. 

In anticipation of Student Money Week in March 2024, we also look forward to offering further opportunities for our students to enhance their financial literacy and management skills, ensuring they have the support needed to thrive at Leeds. 

This announcement is more than just the removal of a fee; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to equity, inclusion and excellence in education. We look forward to continuing to work together, students and staff alike, to create an environment where everyone can succeed and feel part of the University of Leeds community. 

Best wishes,

Professor Hai-Sui Yu 
Interim Vice-Chancellor and President 
University of Leeds 

Bethan Corner 
Education Officer 
Leeds University Union 

We have also shared this announcement with our student community.  If they have additional questions, please direct them to our resits FAQs or ask them to contact the Student Information Service.

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