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Colleagues are being encouraged to embrace an active lifestyle and sign up to this year's UK Corporate Games.

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In September 2023, it was announced that Leeds would host the UK Corporate Games. Hosted jointly by the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council, the Games will provide colleagues with the opportunity to try out, receive training for, and eventually compete in a range of sporting activities on campus and in other locations around the city.  

The Games are held in a different city each year with sports ranging from golf and tennis, to karting and dragon boat racing. The Games are designed to be inclusive, with no minimum qualifying standards. 

University Secretary and Registrar, Jennifer Sewel said: 

“We’re delighted to be hosting the UK Corporate Games here in Leeds. Physical activity is a key component of the University’s emerging health and wellbeing strategy and I’m proud to support our colleagues training and representing the University in the games. We hope to create a legacy and leave the University as one of the most active campuses in the U.K.” 

Following a kick-off event on February 6th colleagues, are now encouraged to get involved. Andrew Lockwood - Assistant Head of Sport who attended the event said:  

“It was fantastic to see the City and University come together to host this wonderful event in anticipation of the games this summer. Without the collaboration between all parties, we wouldn't be able to achieve so much. I can't wait to see our university community take part in the Games this July!” 

The Ambassador for this year’s UK Corporate Games is triathlete and alumni Alastair Brownlee, who aims to encourage local businesses to embrace an active lifestyle while promoting his foundation, The Brownlee Foundation. Co-founded by Alastair and his brother Jonny following their successes at the 2012 Olympics, the foundation is dedicated to inspiring children from diverse backgrounds to enjoy sports, fostering active lifestyles, and enabling them to benefit from the opportunities which sports can offer. Companies participating in the UK Corporate Games will contribute to the Foundation through their sign-ups. 

 The UK Corporate Games is set to attract thousands of participants from small and large organizations across various business sectors. This event provides businesses with the chance to foster employee integration, engagement, network, address CSR strategies, and enhance brand awareness. With inclusivity as a core principle, the Games are open to all for the collective benefit, making it an ideal platform for organizations to prioritize staff welfare. 

How to get involved

Give it a Go Programme (GIAG) 

Join in and return to a sport you haven’t played for some time, or try something new 

We are offering a 4-week programme offering free opportunities for people to take part in focus sports. The sports that have been selected are based on the facilities that the university has access to, as well as sports that are inclusive and accessible to a range of different people.  

All sessions require staff to sign up. 

Sign up and find the full Give it a Go Schedule here. 

Coached Sessions 

Take your passion and receive some expert instruction 

Following the Easter break, we will offer staff the opportunity to access some formal coaching in the sports we can support. Here staff can sign up to a block of sessions that will be led by a coach and will support the development of skills and game play.  

More details will be provided in March 2024. 

Sports Festivals 

Test your skills against the university community and enjoy a day of sport 

During Window on Wellbeing week in June, we will run several different sporting tournaments for staff. Here staff will be able to make their own teams up to play against staff from across the university. It will be a great way to sharpen up prior to the games, but to also have some fun and get competitive. 

More details will be provided in May 2024 

For more information on the UK Corporate Games, visit the Corporate Games page on the Wellbeing, Safety and Health SharePoint.  

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