Building tomorrow's IT leadership – a collaborative approach

Ann-Marie Hartland, Director of Customer and Employee Engagement, in IT Services shares her vision for a new IT leadership team that will put you at the centre.

Ann-Marie Hartland

As technology becomes increasingly embedded into organisational operations, it has become ever more important to ensure that soft skills become a core component of all that we do. As the newly appointed Director of Engagement for IT, I’m seeking to create a team whose success is not only dependent on the technical expertise of individual team members but also on their ability to work harmoniously towards a common goal. 

With our stakeholders at the centre of everything we do, we’re not just focused on technology for its own sake; instead, we are dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and drive business outcomes. 

We will develop an understanding of the problem that needs to be solved and act as an educator on the ‘art of the possible,’ highlighting where technology can be used to generate efficiencies or enhance experiences. We will also act as a translator for IT acronyms and jargon, making technical concepts accessible to all.  

In the ever-evolving landscape of information technology, the success of any organisation pivots on its ability to integrate innovation, strategic planning, and most importantly, effective collaboration. By prioritising relationship building with our stakeholders, we unlock the ability to understand their unique needs, aspirations, and challenges and to forge a partnership that extends far beyond transactional interactions. It is only through collaboration, that we can become a true enabler and partner for the success of the organisation.  

Creating a new team

The creation of a team of ‘Heads of IT’ within IT Services marks a critical step in our transition from a technology-focussed approach to a customer-centric one. 

Each Head of IT will work in partnership with their respective areas of responsibility to develop a strategic plan and oversee the prioritisation of operational activities to locally based teams, ensuring we are delivering what our customers need at the time that they need it, with a view to enhancing the quality and volume of delivery.   

The success of tomorrow's IT leaders lies not just in mastering technology but in fostering collaboration, embracing change, and leading with a blend of technical acumen and soft skills. 

Join us

If you or someone you know possesses a passion for technology, a commitment to collaboration, and a drive to contribute not only to our team but also to the overarching success of the organisation, come and join us and be part of this transformative journey

You can apply for the role here.

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