Switch off and save energy for Christmas | Things to do before you go

This year’s University closure period runs from Friday 22 December to Monday 1 January 2023, inclusive.

The Great Hall on a winter's night with the lights on, with the Parkinson Building visible in the background.

Thanks to the efforts of staff and students the 2022 Switch Off campaign reduced our energy use by 125,000 kWh compared with an average December weekend day. 

However, on Christmas Day 2022 the University still consumed almost 275,000 kWh of energy; this is equivalent to the annual consumption of 20 average UK homes, and approximately 75 tonnes of CO2.  

It is the responsibility of building users to ensure their workspace is appropriately shut down for the Christmas holiday. There are some simple things we can all do to help us save even more energy over the break. These will help us advance our goal, as part of the University’s Climate Plan, to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030

Here are some easy checks to complete before you leave for the holiday break: 

  • Switch off all lighting.   
  • Tightly close windows and doors to reduce heat loss.  
  • Switch off all PCs, monitors, printers, and electrical equipment – don't just leave on standby as this still consumes energy.  
  • Unplug appliances like microwaves, coffee machines, chargers and portable heaters (these could be a fire risk). 
  • Turn off as much lab equipment as possible. 
  • Turn any radiator valves to setting number 3. Our heating system will be set to a low level over the break so this ensures rooms will still be protected from frost. 
  • Clean out and turn off any unused fridges or freezers. 
  • Ensure any taps are turned off and report any dripping taps or running overflows to the Estates Helpdesk.  

Please notify the Estates Helpdesk of issues surrounding heating, ventilation, water, or occupancy times well in advance of the shutdown. You can report issues via SAP or by emailing eshelp@leeds.ac.uk

We understand some equipment is required to maintain safety or is being used for research purposes and therefore needs to remain on. However, any equipment which can be turned off will help us to avoid wasted energy and unnecessary carbon emissions. 

Thank you for supporting our Estates team in managing the University buildings during the break to avoid unnecessary energy use.  

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