Professional Service structures join up to deliver student education services and support

The Chief Operating Officer’s professional services are evolving their structure to further bring together colleagues who support the delivery of student education and experience.

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Our vision is that the University of Leeds offers an exceptional student experience. At the centre of this must be a user-focussed, joined-up approach to delivering services and support that enables all our students to flourish during their time at Leeds.   

Our structures must also encourage and embed collaboration and partnership – and be flexible so that they can adapt to the changing needs of our students, our academic colleagues and our curriculum.   

Within the remit of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Rachel Brealey, new Directorates focussed on student experience are being formed. These incorporate the current SES teams and teams from Educational Engagement, Digital Education Service. 

The Directorates are: Student Success and Educational Engagement; Student Experience and Support; Student Curriculum and Operations; and Digital Education. The development of our Online Education activity is also aligned to this portfolio, but its delivery is under consideration at present. 

Recruitment is underway for the Director of Student Experience and Support and the Director of Student Curriculum and Operations roles, with interviews planned for November. Megan Kime was appointed as Director of the Digital Education Service earlier this year. Louise Banahene, currently Director of Educational Engagement, has been appointed to the Student Success and Educational Engagement Director role.  

A new Deputy COO: Student Education and Experience will be recruited to lead the work of the directorates, providing strategic direction and ensuring that all existing cross-team and cross-university relationships and ways of working thrive.    

We will share news of the above appointments as soon as they are made.   

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