QS Academic Reputation survey

The annual QS Academic Reputation survey is looking for potential respondents.

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The University is contacted annually by QS with a request to supply a list of possible respondents for the survey. 
Based on external colleagues’ opinions of the University, the survey has particular significance because of our second institutional key performance indicator (KPI) – sustaining a strong academic reputation – and carries a 30% weighting in the QS World University Rankings. 

Leeds climbed 11 places to 75th in the most recent QS World University Rankings – our highest ever position in its 20-year history. A key strength identified was the International Research Network indicator, for which the University was ranked 16th in the world.
We’re now asking colleagues to identify potential respondents for the survey, submitting details to faculty Pro-Deans for International, so they can put them forward to Helen Darley at h.c.darley@adm.leeds.ac.uk in the Strategy, Planning and Performance team before 17 November. 

We can submit up to 400 external academic contacts to QS for colleagues who’ve given their consent to receive the survey. The more prospective contacts identified, the higher the number of consents we’re likely to generate.

Please note it’s very important you don’t contact them directly: the University must seek the explicit consent of our nominated contacts before we can share their details with QS.  
Visit the QS website for further information about the survey and its methodology.
Some important points to bear in mind: 

  • the survey doesn’t weight the seniority of respondents 
  • nor does it weight the renown of respondents’ institutions 
  • but it does significantly weight international responses    
  • the list you supply should be refreshed regularly – a negative weighting is applied to names submitted for more than two years; Helen Darley can advise who gave their consent in previous years 
  • respondents are asked to select universities they regard as demonstrating academic excellence, so nominations could include people with a relationship with the University, such as: 
  1. individuals with whom colleagues have collaborated or partnered in recent years 
  2. recent PhD graduates 
  3. Leeds colleagues who’ve taken up new posts elsewhere.

Please ensure that proposed contacts don’t receive any additional correspondence regarding the QS survey. The process is strictly monitored to reduce bias or coaching, and the survey must not be mentioned in any other communications with respondents.
Please contact Helen at h.c.darley@adm.leeds.ac.uk if you have any queries about submissions for the QS Academic Reputation Survey.

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