National Cat Day Competition – Winner revealed!

And the winner is …. Aslan Broccoli Sheppard!

Cat competition entry aslan

We asked staff to send in any fun images they have of their cat for a chance to win a cat hamper filled with pur-fect treats. After narrowing ten finalists, your vote meant that Aslan Broccoli Sheppard was the winner. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and the many colleagues who took the time to vote. 

You can see all the cat-tastic entries below:

National Cat Day was celebrated on Sunday on October 29 and is a purr-fect occasion to celebrate our feline friends and promote their welfare.

This special day is dedicated to recognizing the love and companionship that cats bring into our lives and advocating for their well-being. It’s an opportunity to spoil your cat with extra attention, support local animal shelters, and raise awareness about the importance of responsible cat ownership. Whether you’re a cat owner or simply an admirer of these graceful creatures, National Cat Day is a day to celebrate all things cat-related.

Although National Cat Day has passed, there is a number of ways to still get involved and show your love for cats:
1.    Adopt a Cat: Consider adopting a cat from a local animal shelter or rescue organization to provide a loving home to a cat in need.
2.    Donate to Shelters: Support local animal shelters by donating money, supplies, or your time to help care for cats awaiting their forever homes.
3.    Share Cat Stories: Share heartwarming stories and photos of your cat or cats you encounter on social media to inspire others to celebrate National Cat Day.
4.    Spay/Neuter Advocacy: Advocate for responsible cat ownership by encouraging spaying/neutering to control the cat population.
5.    Organize Fundraisers: Organize or participate in fundraising events for cat shelters and rescue organizations to support their efforts.
6.    Adopt a Senior Cat: Consider adopting an older cat, as they often need loving homes and make wonderful companions.

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