Create a more sustainable commute

Find out more about the travel benefits that colleagues can take advantage of at the University to create a more sustainable commute.

Create a more sustainable commute, October 2023


Cycling is a great sustainable way to travel to and from work and can not only boost your physical and mental wellbeing but your financial wellbeing too.

The University is partnered with Cyclescheme, which has a network of over 2000 independent cycle stores nationwide for colleagues to select a bike and safety equipment that is right for their lifestyle. This is offered through a salary sacrifice arrangement, so you can make great tax savings on the cost of your bike.

Create a more sustainable commute, October 2023

See how much money you could save by cycling to work.

The amount that you can borrow via the cycle to work scheme, Cyclescheme, has increased from £1,000 to £3,000 so you can now access electric bikes, mobility bikes and higher quality bikes and safety equipment.

If you are interested in taking part in the scheme, you can attend one of the upcoming webinars, taking place on 12 October and 26 October. These sessions will provide information on how the scheme works and how you can apply.

The University also offers bike hire through our bike hub which is a great option for those who may not be eligible for the cycle to work scheme.

Travel by bus?

First Bus

You could benefit from First Bus discounted monthly tickets, which include unlimited travel in the area. Tickets are sent directly to your mobile and can also be used on weekends.

Joining the Commuter Travel Club means that you could save £10 per month on a monthly ticket for West Yorkshire. There is no upfront cost to join this scheme and monthly payments are taken by Direct Debit. Once you have signed up, the monthly cost will be frozen for 12 months, so there is no need to worry about rising prices.

For further information, email the Staff Benefits team at with your payroll number to request your one-time Commuter Travel Club passcode.

Here’s an example of the monthly savings you could make for West Yorkshire and Leeds Park and Ride:

Creating a sustainable commute, October 2023


Much like the First Bus discounted tickets, you can also receive discounted monthly bus tickets with Arriva. Simply choose your ticket zone and receive a ticket every month, on your phone or through the post, when you sign up to the Direct Debit monthly payment scheme. You could benefit from the following savings with Arriva within the West Yorkshire zone:

Create a more sustainable commute, October 2023


If you prefer the option to travel to and from work by either bus or train, an MCard is a good sustainable option. By purchasing an annual MCard, you are entitled to a 12% discount on the corporate annual MCard, which allows you to travel on buses and trains throughout West Yorkshire. The table below provides information on the discounted prices for the different zones within West Yorkshire.

Create a more sustainable commute, October 2023

*Please note that these prices are up to date as of October 2023 and are subject to change.

Train travel

Travelling to work by train is a great way to take in the scenery of Yorkshire whilst commuting. The University offers an interest free loan of up to £3,500 for the purchase of an annual train season ticket so you could save up to 12 weeks travel costs overall compared with that of a standard weekly ticket over 12 months.

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