Packed programme for World Menopause Day revealed

“With better understanding and support we can make a positive difference.”

Busting myths about the Menopause. September 2023

We’re marking World Menopause Day on 18 October with a packed programme of free online and in-person activities to raise awareness of the menopause and the support available at the University. 

Ranging from breakfast cafés to lightning talks and discussion panels, you can join us for the full day or pick and choose the sessions you’d like to attend. 

Whether you’re experiencing the menopause yourself or would like to be more knowledgeable and supportive to those who are, all staff and students are welcome.   

Associate Professor of Clinical Education at Leeds, Barbara Macpherson, said: “The transition through menopause can manifest in a constellation of symptoms, which may be physical, physiological and psychological, and each person’s experience is unique.  

“It’s important people have the right information to be empowered. I would encourage everyone to increase their awareness – whether to better support themselves, a loved one or a colleague. With better understanding and support we can make a positive difference. Take a look at our programme and see what interests you.” 

This year’s theme is ‘menopause and misinformation’, which highlights the widespread myths surrounding menopause that can impact the ability to receive effective treatment. We want to help bring about a change in culture – at the University and beyond – so conversations about the menopause are normalised and no longer taboo. 

The University offers a wide range of advice and support to help during the transition, ranging from Occupational Health Service referrals and staff counselling to Meno-Pause for Thought Cafés. Finding the right help to understand and manage symptoms can make a positive difference, both at home and at work. 

The Edge has also created a Menopause Toolkit workshop – an eight-week course featuring a variety of sessions run by experts in their field, all aimed at targeting common menopausal symptoms and to help calm anxiety. 

Open to everyone, there are still places available for the Thursday sessions. Contact Michelle Smith at for further information. 

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