Leeds Curriculum on campus: Welcoming the first redefined programmes

This semester, students will embark on over 100 programmes reimagined through the Curriculum Redefined programme.

A graphic of the Leeds Curriculum Branding, featuring the tagline "your course, your future, our world"

 A further 600 programmes will be redefined, through the Curriculum Redefined programme, for the 24/25 academic year, adding momentum to a change that will create exceptional experiences for students that equip them with the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact in a rapidly changing world. 

Central to these changes are the updated principles of the Leeds Curriculum – a vision for education at Leeds shaped and co-created by staff and students. While the Leeds Curriculum has been an integral part of the Leeds offer for over a decade, it has been updated to reflect what is meaningful to staff and students now, acting as a guide to shape innovative learning and teaching. 

The Leeds Curriculum centres around three key pillars: 

1. Your Course: The Leeds curriculum maintains a strong academic focus on the discipline and identity of each course, providing students with exposure to internationally recognized research and innovation. Collaboration with industry, commercial and cultural sectors, and professional bodies enriches the learning experience. 

2. Your Future: The Leeds Curriculum offers personalized opportunities for students to develop essential skills, competencies, and a broad understanding rooted in their program's identity, aligning with individual aspirations and needs. 

3. Our World: Students benefit from open and authentic exposure to real-world examples, emphasizing research-based learning and addressing global challenges through empirical and inclusive inquiry across regional, national, and global communities. 

How can you apply the Leeds Curriculum to your work? 

Wherever you are in your Curriculum Redefined journey, there is support, resources, and guidance available. You can explore a range of resources on the Leeds Curriculum hub, connect to design specialists in the Learning Design Agency, and learn more about key curriculum themes in our "How Might We" guides

Alongside these newly developed resources, colleagues are also encouraged to register for student education enhancement and professional development workshops of OD&PL, and work alongside the Careers service, Library teams, and LITE. The University Digital Education Service and Helix also offer opportunities for support and advice on the effective integration of digital technologies into our programmes that is both pedagogically-informed and innovative.  

The University of Leeds is committed to preparing its students for a future full of opportunities and challenges, ensuring that they leave with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields and make a lasting impact on the world. 

If you would like to discuss any of the options detailed above, please email the Learning Design Agency team at learningdesign@leeds.ac.uk

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