Your chance to help improve our hybrid ways of working

Colleagues are invited to test the latest state-of-the-art technology being installed in our pilot hybrid meeting rooms.

Our pilot hybrid meeting rooms are available to book. Image by katemangostar (Freepik)

Your chance to help improve our hybrid ways of working. September 2023

We recognise that to deliver even more effective ways of working, we need to modernise campus spaces and create inclusive facilities that support people to meet simultaneously in person and online. 

In response to demand, a pilot project was launched in May to trial new equipment designed to improve the experiences of colleagues across the University when holding hybrid meetings, and to better understand the level of support these facilities might require.

Many of you kindly took up this opportunity, and the resulting feedback has been invaluable in helping us evaluate what works best to meet your needs. We’re using this information to regularly update the kit in our nine pilot meeting rooms as we try to find the right solutions – and we want to hear what you think about it.

Ann Allen, Director of Campus Innovation and Development, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to give our pilot hybrid meeting rooms a test drive.

“Thanks to the incredibly useful feedback we’ve received so far, we’ve already been able to significantly improve the quality of service we provide, and we’ll continue to regularly update the equipment in these rooms in response to your comments.

“If this technology is deployed across our entire estate, it will represent a considerable investment by the University, so we have to be sure we’ve made the right choice. And that’s where you come in! Our pilot meeting rooms are open for you to book so you can try the new equipment out for yourselves. All we ask in return is your feedback, so we can accurately assess what works best.”

While it’s important for colleagues to be on campus for at least part of the week, we also understand working remotely on some days will help support our ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. Hybrid meetings mean colleagues can better manage their time and ensure they remain connected, even when working remotely. 

Each of the pilot rooms is equipped with advanced audio and video equipment, making them accessible to more colleagues and easier to schedule, while also reducing travel.

How you can take part

We want as many colleagues as possible to try out the new spaces. Instructions for using the new equipment are available online and in each of the pilot rooms:

  • Facilities Directorate Building – Beech, Hazel, Oak and Yew
  • Worsley – 10.47, 11.09 and 11.42
  • Maurice Keyworth – 1.44; and
  • Baines Wing – G.03.

All colleagues are able to book pilot rooms using Outlook. Please see our handy FAQs for further information.

The only requirement is colleagues offer feedback based on your user experience. It’s quick and easy to do and will be crucial in informing the University what hardware we procure and what improvements can be made to our processes and systems.

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