LGBT+ Staff Network shows strong support at Leeds Pride

Members of the Leeds University LGBT+ Staff Network made a powerful statement of unity and inclusivity by participating in the Leeds Pride parade this year.

Members of the LGBT+ Staff Network and allies before Leeds Pride

Group picture of the LGBT Staff Network holding the Network Banner outside of the EC Stoner Building before Leeds Pride. The banner is cream with a progress flag love heart symbol and reads "LGBT+ Staff Network"

Leeds Pride Parade, held on Sunday 6 August, saw network members, allies, and their families and friends, marching together to show their support for the LGBT+ community. 

Dressed in colourful Network t-shirts and waving pride flags, the LGBT+ Staff Network members added a burst of energy to the parade.  

Following the event, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education Professor Jeff Grabill said:

“It was important and appropriate for the University to have a presence at Pride. I was delighted to be invited and proud of the Network’s planning and participation. I’ve attended Pride events in the past, but the experience of participating was new and made an impact. I won’t forget it, and I am looking forward to the future work of the Network.” 

Watch the video below to see them in action! 

The LGBT+ Staff Network's participation in Leeds Pride demonstrates the ongoing dedication of the University to fostering an inclusive atmosphere. By standing together in support of diversity and acceptance, the network serves as a reminder of the importance of building a strong and united community. 

LGBT+ Staff Network co-chair Tyler Stead said: 

“It was incredible to see the University have such a presence in this year's Pride parade. From starting as a mere idea in April and with some very hard work from our organising committee, we had an attendance to rival some of the largest mainstays of the event. Seeing over 40 staff members and their guests, from across the whole University community, donning an LGBT+ Network t-shirt and rainbow props is a shining example of the clear commitment the University holds to improving the visibility and wellbeing of our community both within the organisation and the wider Leeds area. I want to thank everyone that attended and look forward to next year being even bigger and better!”  

To get in touch with the LGBT+ Staff Network you can email them at or request to join the LGBT+ Staff Network teams space.

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