New University Identity and Access Management (IDAM) system

Email sent to all staff from Adam Toulson, Chief Information Security Officer, and Phil Worsley, Identity and Access Management Lead, on 3 August.

Dear colleague,

I am writing to inform you that the University’s new Identity and Access Management (IDAM) system will start to be implemented from Monday 21 August 2023. 

You do not need to do anything as a consequence, other than to be aware of the improvements the system will deliver to IT access for staff and students joining or leaving the University. 

The introduction of IDAM is a critical part of our wider work to protect information security, prevent unauthorised access to University data, and improve the user experience for colleagues.

How is the project relevant to me?  

IDAM introduces new technology to make it quicker and easier for staff to access the IT systems they need, including: 

  • streamlined onboarding, where new starters will be automatically provided with IT access when their HR record is created, with no need to apply separately for a username.  
  • improvements for third party contractors, who will now have an HR record which means IT access begins automatically and is aligned to their contract start and end dates, and renewal notifications issued if the contract is to be extended.    
  • new username format, where new staff and students are given an anonymised username which consists of four random letters and four random digits, which will improve security and privacy measures.  
  • easier to get additional access and accounts for project activities, such as a shared mailbox. From September, you’ll be able to requests these directly from the IT Services website.      
  • more accurate student information, where withdrawn students are automatically removed from tutor and assessment lists. 

What happens next? 

IDAM will be tested comprehensively across August before the legacy system LURCIS is decommissioned in September. The project team are testing the new solution in August. 

We have briefed senior stakeholders on the changes and are engaging colleagues across the University who will be affected. You can also keep up to date with the latest information at Identity and Access Management on the IT webpages. 

Should you require further information, please contact the IDAM project team at

With best wishes

Adam Toulson
Chief Information Security Officer

Phil Worsley
Identity and Access Management Lead   

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