Cycle to Work Day

Cycle to Work Day is a celebration of all that's wonderful about cycling and is the UK's biggest cycling commuting event.

Cycle to Work Day, July 2023

Cycle to Work Day is back this year on 3 August. An event for everyone, from people who haven’t hopped on a bike since school days to committed cycle commuters, it’s a day to get in the saddle and experience the brilliant benefits everyday cycling offers – mental, physical and financial.

The event may be called Cycle to Work Day but all types of bike rides are encouraged, whether it’s cycling to the shops, to pick the kids up from school or meeting up with friends for a group ride.

Wherever you cycle this Cycle to Work Day, you’ll be in with a chance of winning some incredible prizes, just by getting out on your bike.

How do I get involved?

Join thousands of riders across the country by logging a bike ride on the Cyclescheme Love to Ride online community on 3 August.

As well as being entered into a prize draw, you can set a cycling goal, share photos and high-five other riders.

Cyclescheme are also hosting a live event on Cycle to Work Day which will provide a run-through of the benefits of Cyclescheme and cycling to work. The event is free to anyone who wishes to attend.

Cycle to Work Scheme at the University

The University’s Cycle to Work Scheme with Cyclescheme helps promote green travel, furthering the University’s commitment to sustainable travel set out in our Climate Plan, and has huge benefits in terms of physical and financial wellbeing.

Lauren Ballinger, External Communications and Campaigns Manager, shares her experience: “I got my bike through Cyclescheme following sustained peer pressure from my husband who was keen for us to go on rides together.

“I’d seen Cyclescheme advertised through staff comms and, while canal rides in the sun sounded appealing, I knew the requirement was to use the bike for commuting to work.

“The idea of cycling to work filled me with horror – traffic dodging, rain and the physical exertion at that time of the morning really didn’t appeal to me at all. However, I discovered that there was a good route to campus from Rothwell where I live, mostly avoiding busy roads. I could even go along the canal! So I decided to give it a go.

“Applying for Cyclescheme was really easy and straightforward. It’s simple to work out how the cost will affect your pay using the Cyclescheme website. The hardest part of the process is choosing a bike! 

“Once you’ve worked out your budget, you can order from a huge range of stores. Evans had the largest range of bikes, clothing and equipment like pannier racks and bags – essential for getting your laptop in to work!

“I’m now a cycling convert. I cycle in twice a week and fit in plenty of weekend and holiday rides too. I find getting to work off my own steam far more rewarding, cost effective and reliable than using public transport. Cycle storage and shower facilities on campus are fantastic. And I’ve discovered it doesn’t rain as often as you think!”

Chris Hewitt, Head of Internal Communications, also shares why he signed up to the Cycle to Work Scheme: “I recently hired an e-bike while on holiday and loved it. I have been put off cycling to work, particularly in recent years, by the hills where I live but trying out the e-bike convinced me this was a way to go.

“I was also frustrated by commuter traffic and parking coming to and from work so I decided to enrol in the Cycle to Work Scheme. The process was very intuitive and straightforward, and the response was fast and efficient.

“The initial outlay for an e-bike is quite expensive – about £3K, so I’m pleased through the Cycle to Work Scheme that I get the full amount from the University and pay it back through monthly instalments that are automatically taken out of my pay at source. There is a nice financial benefit in that the costs are deducted from my gross salary and I then only pay tax on my net salary. This amounts to a saving of nearly a third of the costs over two years. The only condition is that I have to use the e-bike for 50% commuting to work.

“It would be remiss of me not to add that I’ve been working on communication and engagement campaigns for the University’s Climate Plan. Sustainable travel is one of the key elements to reducing our carbon footprint. So I hope I’m doing my bit to help the planet be greener. I hope it will improve my fitness and wellbeing and save me a few bob at the same time.” 


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