Clean Air Day 2023

Thursday 15 June marks Global Action Plan’s annual Clean Air Day.

A blue poster with a picture of the parkinson building, white text says "Clean Air at Leeds"

Here at Leeds, we are leading the way in tackling this prominent issue through a wide spectrum of research projects and collaborations.  

The University of Leeds’ Living Labs are one of the ways we put our expertise into action. These collaborative, ongoing projects allow us to share our knowledge across the University and work towards our Climate Plan

In 2018, members of the Sustainability Service conducted assessments of the air quality on campus, as a Living Lab for Air Quality. The data they collected was shared as open access, so that it could be used by researchers, policymakers and the community. 

The University is also involved with the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements Airborne (FAAM) Laboratory which is managed by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science.  

It’ll allow researchers to take measurements of the atmosphere, detect the smallest cloud droplets, quantify chemical reactions, monitor weather systems and track pollution sources. 

On the ground, researchers are studying the use of e-cargo bikes versus cars in rural areas. Dr Ian Philips is leading a project that will take place in rural areas across the country, where cars are often heavily relied upon. 

From Living Labs to Smart Cities to more sustainable transport and sources of fuel, our researchers are engaged in cutting edge projects to improve the quality of our air, both in terms of our world, but also in our schools, homes and places of work

This Clean Air Day we’ll be updating you on all this groundbreaking research and more so keep an eye on all our University channels on Thursday 15 June. 

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