Technicians' Network Updates May 2023

The Technicians’ Network at the University of Leeds is run for technicians, by technicians and we welcome involvement from all technical staff.

This includes technical specialists in faculties, Facilities Directorate, IT Teams, and colleagues with technical skills and responsibilities that fall outside of formal technical structures.

The Technicians’ Network aims to support the technical community through regular networking activities, Technically Speaking news articles and regular communication. Technicians, technical specialists and managers of technical staff are welcome to join our TEAMS Technicians’ Network.

In 2018 the University pledged to support the Technician Commitment for any technical staff based in faculties. The Technician Commitment is a university and research institution initiative, that aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in higher education and research, across all disciplines. The University of Leeds employs nearly 400 technicians, based in faculties (both on and off campus) who provide a variety of specialist skills and knowledge that enhances the teaching and research capabilities of our institution. 

Key Projects

Technician Survey

In September 2023 we will be asking all technical staff in faculties to complete the NTDC Skills, Roles and Responsibilities survey. The project is led by Technicians for Technicians, and we aim to gain a greater understanding of our technical workforce, including the skills and experience of technicians across the University of Leeds.

Watch a video explaining the importance of completing the NTDC Skills, Roles and Responsibilities Survey.

Full information will be circulated by email. If you have any queries regarding the survey, please read our FAQs. If your query is not covered, please contact the Survey Working Group on

The Yorkshire Technician Exchange Partnership (YoTEP)

Technicians from the University of York and University of Leeds successfully bid to the Technician Commitment Collaboration Fund to pilot the Yorkshire Technician Exchange Partnership (YoTEP). The aim was to establish a supportive and informative network between the technical communities of the Yorkshire Universities – starting with York and Leeds but with a plan to expand to include all HEIs in the Yorkshire region in the future.

During the pilot scheme (between April and December 2022), twenty-seven technicians participated in exchanges. These were distributed across a range of disciplines and topics including Music, Plant Sciences, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Analysis, Chemistry (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Chromatography services), BioArchaeology, and networking activities.

The aim is now to extend this network to more HEIs in the Yorkshire region to give further opportunity for skills and knowledge sharing. Both York and Leeds universities have been successful in securing funds to support this.

Professional Registration and Development for Technicians

The University offers a range of support for professional development, and support with professional registration including HEA Fellowship. Find out more about the development available to Technicians on the OD&PL website here

Technician’s Commitment

Since becoming signatories of the Technician Commitment, we are proud of the achievements we have made. These have been driven by the determination of our technical community and have been supported and actioned by many different staff and agencies across the University.

  • Technician Champions in all faculties, and permission to appoint more. 
  • Technical representatives on the Research Culture Steering Group 
  • Funding for technicians to attend national conferences and meetings (HETS- Higher Education Technicians Summit, Technicians in Partnership, NTDC Partner Forum, Technician Commitment Signatory events). 
  • Creating the Yorkshire Technician Exchange Partnership with colleagues from York and expanding across the wider region
  • Promoting opportunities and awards to technicians 
  • Supporting technicians with applying for Professional Registration and HEA Fellowships
  • Raising visibility through campaigns such as Further Together.
  • Opportunity to meaningfully engage with members of the University Executive Group.
  • Networking opportunities, including in person and virtual Tech Exchange.
  • Membership of HEaTED and NTDC
  • Formed a Technician Commitment Working Group- the interface with the technical community.
  • Formed a Technician Commitment Steering Group, reporting directly to the UEG.
  • Created two new part time roles – Technician Lead for the Technician Commitment and a Project Support Officer to support Technician Commitment activities
  • Tech Exchange – In-person and virtual opportunities to meet and share ideas.

Please view our Technician Commitment Action Plans below, and the accompanying Review letters from the Technicians Commitment Steering Board:

Contact your faculty Technician Champion

For technicians based in faculties your first point of contact should be your Technician Champion

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

  • Andy Irving –
  • Matt Harrup -

Faculty of Biological Sciences

  • Jennie Hibbard –

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

  • Angela Beddows –

Faculty of Medicine and Health 

  • Michael Brookes –
  • Richard Johnson –
  • Emma Black -

Find the Technicians’ Network on Twitter 

For all other enquiries including IT and FD technicians please contact Jennie Hibbard at

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