Developing a sustainable curriculum for all students

Alexandra Wybieralska, Hazel Mooney, Eleanor Pettem and Phillipa Tuffin outline how sustainability is being embedded in teaching and learning, and how students can make a difference.

The Sustainable Curriculum is a part of our Climate Plan, and we are working on embedding sustainability within projects and all courses at the university.  

This gives students the opportunity to engage in all sorts of different themes of sustainability irrespective of the subject that they’re studying. 

Alexandra Wybieralska, Sustainability and Environmental Management BSc student said: “I think to me, it's really important that the university recognises its responsibility to address the climate crisis in a formal way. That's why it's so interesting and important to be working on these sorts of projects to see how different people can contribute with their different expertise and it's just a very enriching experience”. 

Hazel Mooney, Student Sustainability Architect and Climate and Atmosphere Sciences PhD said: “The best benefit for me as a student is having this outlet where I can make a positive difference and feel like there's a way I can get involved, not only that, but coming away with something that you can feel really, really proud of”.  

Phillipa Tuffin, Fine Art BA said: “Something that is really important is to have an interdisciplinary approach where scientists can work with artists, artists can work with chefs, chefs can work with teachers. I think we all have these skills, and once we start bringing them together, we'll start moving forward”. 

At £174 million, the University of Leeds’ ambitious Climate Plan represents the biggest investment we have ever made, with seven key principles highlighting our commitment to net zero emissions, a sustainable curriculum, responsible investment, and reorienting postgraduate research and teaching away from the fossil fuel sector.  

Visit our Climate Plan hub for more information, where you can also post questions and comments.  

Watch a video of our sustainability architects and their projects around campus. 

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