Cyber security awareness training

An update from University Secretary Jennifer Sewel on annual information security training.

Dear Colleagues,

The University remains alert to the threat of cyber security and does much to filter out many threats through firewalls, anti-virus systems and regularly install software updates. But the technical solutions can only go so far, the threats and the scammers are getting better too, using human nature and psychology to find a gap in our defences.

Most of us are alert to the risk of cyber fraud most of the time, but as the fraudsters keep adapting their technique we need to refresh our knowledge of the threat

To help this the University organises annual information security training for all staff. The training is refreshed regularly to make sure it addresses changed techniques from the scammers.

You will be notified when your training is about to expire, or if you are a new member of staff. Please undertake the two training modules as soon as you receive this prompt. This annual training is mandatory.

You do not have to wait for the prompt as you can undertake the training at any time and this will extend the renewal date by a year. You can access the training here.

You may wish to do this if you know you are going to be away from the University for more than a few weeks when your renewal deadline is approaching. Failure to complete the training by the deadline may result in your account being disabled until the matter is addressed.

Thank you for your cooperation, and many thanks to those who are already fully compliant.

With best wishes,

Jennifer Sewel
University Secretary

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