Collaborating to create a fairer and more sustainable future

Professor Richard Beardsworth outlines how the University can bring together its different faculties and institutes to create a better and more equal future across the world.

Working together as part of the Climate Plan, we can harness the best of the wide range of expertise at Leeds to drive forward scientific, social and political efforts to tackle climate change – on campus and globally.

The University is also developing a more climate-conscious approach to research and teaching, which will set up members of our community with the knowledge and skills to make a global impact in this fight.

Richard, Head of the School of Politics and International Studies, said: “This is a time within Universities… to bring together the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities so that responding successfully to climate change is framed at the same time as developing societies towards a low carbon, healthier, more equal and more just future.”

At £174 million, the University of Leeds’s ambitious Climate Plan represents the biggest investment we have ever made, with seven key principles highlighting our commitment to net zero emissions, a sustainable curriculum, responsible investment and reorienting postgraduate research and teaching away from the fossil fuel sector.

Watch a video of Professor Richard Beardsworth talking about how the University community can collaborate to drive progress in relation to climate change.

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