Creating a sustainable University with research that has a long-term impact

Professor Simon Kelley talks about how the School of Earth and Environment’s projects are helping to find solutions to climate challenges.

The School’s work will help the University achieve its goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030. The projects include developing geothermal energy to heat University buildings, rewilding projects and embedding sustainability in every part of the University’s curriculum.

The developments are part of the University’s Climate Plan, which is helping us to plot a path to a fairer and more sustainable future.

Simon, Head of the School of Earth and Environment, said: “The Climate Plan is really crucial, it sets Leeds apart from a lot of other universities. The University is investing a huge amount.”

At £174 million, the University of Leeds’s ambitious Climate Plan represents the biggest investment we have ever made, with seven key principles highlighting our commitment to net zero emissions, a sustainable curriculum, responsible investment and reorienting postgraduate research and teaching away from the fossil fuel sector.

Watch a video of Professor Simon Kelley talking about how the School of Earth and Environment is helping the University acheive its climate goals.

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