The roadmap to digital transformation

Leeds is on a mission to become a globally leading, digital enabled university. Here’s your chance to hear from leaders in digital transformation and raise questions on our digital roadmap

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We have a bold vision to enrich learning, strengthen our research capabilities and enhance our staff and student experience using digital technology and data. Interested to discover where we are on the journey? Here’s your chance to hear from our leaders in digital transformation and to raise questions on our digital roadmap for the future.

Leeds is on a mission to become a globally leading, digital enabled university. The work has already begun under the umbrella of our digital transformation strategy. Nearly £28m has been approved to boost our research IT which will enable out researchers to tackle problems that would be too difficult or time-consuming to solve using more traditional computing methods.

We’re putting £4.3m into digital libraries recognising that in an increasingly digital world, libraries need a different approach to information management, digital services, customer-centricity and operational agility. And we have programmes focused on creating the best possible digital student experience; a global network for sustainable development; systems to leverage our data analytics to deliver incisive business intelligence for the University; and for catalysing innovation around key industry 4.0 technology trends.

So colleagues are invited to sign up for a hybrid event on Wednesday 12 April between 1.00-2.30pm. You’ll hear from our Pro Vice-Chancellor: Digital Transformation, Professor Jo-Anne Murray and Professor Arunangsu Chatterjee, Dean of Digital Transformation. There’ll be plenty of time for you to share your digital experiences at the University and ask questions about the strategy and the programme roadmap. You can expect an interactive session where we would like to hear from you all along while we share our current progress and discuss next steps.

Appointment of the Pro Vice-Chancellor: Digital Transformation. September 2022Professor Jo-Anne Murray, who’ll be speaking at the event, said: “I joined the University six months ago to lead the digital transformation strategy. I was so inspired and attracted by the digital vision at Leeds that I jumped at the chance to come here.”

“Our transformation roadmap is complex. There are lots of moving parts, lots of co-dependencies, lots of people involved.  We can get wrapped up and overwhelmed by the scale of the vision, but I want to simplify our approach by having clear principles that we apply to each programme of work. The main objective is to make improve work and study for our staff and students.”

“I’ll be talking more about these principles at the event. So please come and join us. Equally, I’m wanting to hear from you about your digital experiences and happy to take any questions as well as your honest view on what we are doing currently and our plans for the future.”

Arunangsu ChatterjeeProfessor Arunangsu Chatterjee, Dean of Digital Transformation, who will also be presenting at the event, added: Digital transformation is no longer an option for universities - it's an imperative. Embracing new technologies and innovative approaches not only enhances the quality of education, but also ensures that universities remain relevant, competitive, and equipped to meet the evolving research and innovation needs. However, digital transformation without a human-centric approach is like a rudderless ship - it may have potential, but it won't take you anywhere meaningful. To truly thrive in the digital age, we must prioritise the needs, wants, and experiences of the people we serve.”

How to sign up

You can sign up for the event via Microsoft Teams

Don’t worry if you can’t attend on 12 April, there is also a coffee afternoon on Wednesday 19 April where you‘ll have the opportunity to meet our Pro Vice-Chancellor: Digital Transformation, Professor Jo-Anne Murray. Drop in to Seminar Room 1 and 2 at Nexus anytime between 2-4pm for coffee and a chat.  Please sign up for the coffee afternoon via Microsoft Forms.  

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