Reporting participation in industrial action

Email sent to all staff from Rachel Brealey, Chief Operating Officer, on 29 March.

Dear colleague,   
I am writing to remind you that the deadline for reporting participation in the UCU’s strike action during Phase 3 (15 to 22 March) is Thursday 30 March.  
If you did not take part in any of the UCU strike action, you can ignore the remainder of this email as no action is required by you.    
If you did take part in any or all of the days of strike action, you are required to report your participation in order that appropriate adjustments to salary can be made and in line with your obligations under your employment contract to comply with reasonable management instructions. 
Please take this email as a request by the University, directed to you personally, asking you to report your participation (if any) in Phase 3 (15 to 22 March) and, in addition, any as yet unreported days of strike action that you may have taken since 1st February 2023.   
The University’s position on reporting participation in strike action is in line with UCU’s national guidance as well as ACAS guidance and relates to strike action not ASOS.   
Please report your participation via Employee Self Service (ESS) or by visiting using the Windows Virtual Desktop.    
One day’s pay will be deducted for each day of participation in strike action. The calculation of one day’s pay will be 1/365th of annual salary for full time employees, and the actual hours contracted for that day for employees who work part time hours or shift patterns.    
Deductions will be processed in the April pay cycle.    
There may be additional impact where salary is deducted due to participation in industrial action, as employee and employer pension contributions will not be made, and pensionable service will not accrue.    
More information about why the industrial action is taking place and what is taking place nationally and locally to resolve it can be found on For Staff. If you have further queries, please speak with your manager or head of school or service in the first instance.    
Yours sincerely,    
Rachel Brealey  
Chief Operating Officer 

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