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Email sent to all staff by Professor Hai-Sui Yu, Principal Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, on Monday 27 March.

Principal Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost Professor Hai-Sui Yu standing in front of a wood and glass wall

Climate plan, white letters on a black background

Dear colleague, 

In 2021, we committed the single biggest investment in our history to achieve a low carbon future. Our Climate Plan is a collaborative effort across the University community, involving academic and professional services colleagues as well as students. It maps out how the University will deliver key climate commitments, including delivering net zero by 2030, achieving sustainable travel, supporting a net zero city, shaping institutional decision making, enabling responsible investment and reorienting research and teaching. 

We’ve created the animation below to help bring to life the seven Climate Principles that are guiding our approach to addressing the climate crisis, including our ambitious 2030 net zero greenhouse gas target. 

Watch a video setting out the Climate Plan.

As Leeds University Union celebrates its third annual Climate Week campaign, I want to take the opportunity to share how this considerable investment sets us on the right path to meeting our ambitious climate targets, as well as demonstrating our commitment to building a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

Watch a video of Professor Yu talking about the Climate Plan.

“We have a bold vision to harness our knowledge and world-leading expertise to create and scale up new solutions and develop sustained partnerships within our University community and across our great city, the region and beyond.”

As chair of our Climate Principles Programme Board, set up to oversee the plan’s implementation, I have the privilege of seeing first hand how we are building solid foundations that will enable our effective shift to a low carbon and more sustainable future in the coming years.   

From today, we are launching a campaign to share the perspectives of some of the people leading and implementing our Climate Plan – and the actions they are taking to help tackle climate change.  

Together I’m confident we can realise our vision for a greener, healthier and fairer place to live, work and study.  

With best wishes, 

Professor Hai-Sui Yu 
Principal Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost 

Visit our Climate Plan hub for more information.

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