Employee Survey | Fantastic opportunity to give us your honest thoughts

Chief Information Officer Dan Simms explains how insights from the current employee engagement survey will play a “vitally important” role in the IT Service’s ongoing transformation.

Employee Survey | Fantastic opportunity to give us your honest thoughts. March 2023

Feedback is the bedrock of a happy and productive organisational culture. The best organisations I’ve worked at had strong values and an opportunity to influence future direction by sharing feedback. I’m pleased the University has embraced both, too. 

The employee engagement survey is a hugely important source of feedback and will provide us with valuable insight that will help shape future decisions. 

I’m personally committed to the questions within the survey looking at equity, diversity and inclusion, and how we can further progress our vision and leadership.  

These topics, and the associated feedback, are vitally important to our ongoing transformation within IT by providing us with insight into how we can retain and attract the talent we need to provide an excellent service.   

This is a fantastic opportunity to give us your honest thoughts about how we can continue to improve and create a place where we can all feel empowered, flourish and have fun. Please take the time to respond to the survey. If you don’t, we’ll never know how you feel or what you want to see change – which would be a missed opportunity.

Have your say

Open until 20 March, the employee engagement survey is your opportunity to have your say – to tell us what’s working for you and what isn’t. 

It takes an average of 15 minutes to complete and your responses will inform our efforts to make working at the University more enjoyable and fulfilling.  

Visit the employee engagement survey online hub for further information, including video messages explaining why it’s so important to take part and some handy FAQs.

Further information

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