Updating Windows 10

After listening to your feedback, we have delayed the date when University-owned Windows 10 computers which have not been updated will be blocked from accessing Microsoft Outlook.

One of the biggest threats to the University is a cyberattack which could prevent access to, or result in leakage of, our valuable research and administrative data. We need to ensure that all of our computers are kept up to date and regularly patched against the latest vulnerabilities to avoid such threats. 

Removing access to Outlook on out-of-date computers

We have emailed most staff who have Windows 10 on their work devices several times with instructions on how to update their computer. The deadline to do this has now passed. We apologise if you have a Windows 10 computer and have not received the previous emails. 

In the future, if your University-owned computer has not been updated you will not be able to access Microsoft Outlook. You should update your computer to an up-to-date version of Windows 10 as soon as possible.  

It was originally communicated that this would happen on Monday 13 February. However, we have listened to your feedback and have delayed this change to give you more time to update your computer and for IT to fully understand the issues around this change.  

Action required

To ensure you can continue accessing Microsoft Outlook on your University computer running Windows 10, please complete the following steps:

If you want to access email from a personal device you should use the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) or Outlook on the web. 


If you need help with the Windows 10 update or restoring Outlook access on computers running Windows 10, please contact IT using this form

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