School teachers strike – guidance for staff

Ahead of seven days of strike action by the National Education Union, please read the latest guidance for parents and carers of school-age children.

Ahead of seven days of strike action by the National Education Union in February and March, we would like to offer the following guidance for staff with children of school-age, who cannot make alternative childcare arrangements.

Staff who are unable to make alternative arrangements for childcare can:

  • work from home, where practical and where the role permits.
  • book annual leave.
  • take unpaid leave.

Please note that our Carers’ leave policy does not apply in this situation.

Staff should therefore speak with their line manager as soon as possible and in advance of the strike days, to agree the best approach for them and for their role. When discussing the best approach, it will be necessary for managers to consider operational requirements and roles that will be required to be on campus in order to ensure the ongoing provision of services to our students and wider colleagues.

Please note that children should not be brought into work, be this at a site on or off the campus, for reasons of safety, safeguarding and insurance cover.

In the event a solution cannot be found between the staff member and their line manager, then HR should liaise with the line manager to support them in reaching an agreeable outcome for both parties.

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