Leeds Partnership Awards make a positive impact

“It was such a highlight winning a Leeds Partnership Award. I’d strongly encourage others to consider taking the time to nominate colleagues.”

Dr Nadine Cavigioli and Dr James Worrall, who were both honoured in last year’s awards

Leeds Partnership Awards make a positive impact. January 2023

The annual Leeds Partnership Awards will once again highlight the achievements of staff and students who truly put into practice the agreement setting out our shared commitment to work together to support all aspects of our University community. 

As entries open for this year’s coveted accolades, some of the winners of the 2022 awards have been talking about what it has meant to them and their careers.

After receiving hundreds of inspirational applications, winners were announced during a gala celebration on campus in May. But the positive impact on their lives has been felt long after the champagne corks were popped!


Dr Nadine Cavigioli, from the Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC), received the Equality and Inclusion award in recognition of her work in supporting under-represented mature and part-time students.

Nominations highlighted Dr Cavigioli’s work in the LLC and beyond, which is grounded in the belief that every student, regardless of background, should feel they belong within the Leeds community. 

Reflecting on her success, Dr Cavigioli said: “It was such a highlight winning the 2022 Leeds Partnership Award in recognition of my equitable and inclusive practice. 

“This award has pride of place on our Lifelong Learning Centre reception desk – it sits alongside our LLC Mature Student Advisory Board, School Community Partnership of the Year award – and is one way to evidence our commitment to students and other key stakeholders. 

“I’d strongly encourage others to consider taking the time to nominate colleagues, to raise awareness of their invaluable work at an institutional level.

“The awards evening in the Leeds University Union was just fantastic! It was very inspiring to hear the range of achievements across our University in committing to the Leeds Partnership.”


The Inspirational Teaching/Supervisor category featured nominations for individuals and groups who continually inspire students, using their passion and dedication for a subject area to encourage them to continually develop their thinking and academic skills. 

Last year’s recipient was Dr James Worrall, from the School of Politics and International Studies, who was honoured for his outstanding work and support towards his students as a module lecturer. 

Dr Worrall received many nominations that recognised his dedication and hard work in ensuring no student was ever left behind. Nominations also praised Dr Worrall’s clear passion for his work and for enabling his students to make the most of their time studying under his guidance. 

Dr Worrall said: “Winning the award has brought some increased attention, of course. Most of my colleagues already knew I was a passionate teacher, but it’s always nice to get external validation and recognition. Having that enables you to start more conversations and pass on ideas and tips, which is always fruitful. 

“There’s some great teaching and practice here at Leeds and many opportunities to be involved, but the Leeds Partnership Awards are special because it’s direct recognition from the students.

“I’d encourage people to highlight the awards to their students and get them to nominate those who are making a real impact on their learning. Not only is it good to recognise those who are going above and beyond, it’s also an important part of creating productive and engaged learning communities.”


Historically, the Leeds Partnership Awards have always looked to celebrate the achievements of our staff and students. Since last year, however, we’ve been realigning the awards to be inclusive of all those in our community who contribute to making sure our students love their time at Leeds.

Categories range from those highlighting our commitment to equality and inclusion, wellbeing and innovation to working with a global focus.

There are also dedicated awards to celebrate inspirational teachers, supervisors and mentors, as well as outstanding students, academic personal tutors, postgraduate researchers and student academic reps, among others.

Nominate now!

Now is your chance to celebrate the amazing people who collaborate, support and enhance the Leeds community.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form, and you can nominate yourself, a colleague or a student for any of the 14 category awards up for grabs. Nominations close at midnight on Sunday 19 February and winners will be announced during a special awards ceremony on Tuesday 9 May.

Please contact the LUU Academic Representation Team if you have any questions about the Leeds Partnership Awards or process.

You can also take a look at this simple guide on what’s involved in making a Leeds Partnership Awards nomination.

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