IT open meetings – November 2022

On Wednesday 9 November we held four open meetings to give colleagues an opportunity to put their questions to the IT Exec team and hear the latest updates from key IT projects.

The recordings for these sessions are now available, and the questions and answers will be available soon.  You can download the slide decks from the IT website. 

  • Watch the recording of the Teams Voice session | Read the Q&A
    Teams Voice, which allows you to make and receive calls through Microsoft Teams wherever you are working, is currently being rolled out across the University. All staff can already make calls through Teams, and the first phase of the project, allowing all ‘standard’ users to receive calls should be complete by the end of November. In 2023 the project will roll out to users with more specialist requirements, such as phones in common areas, reception phones or contact centres.

  • Watch the recording of the Windows Refresh session | Read the Q&A
    The Windows Refresh project aims to make sure the University devices you use are up-to-date and secure.  It has two workstreams: 
    - Replacing or removing 4,000 computers that use Windows 7 with new computers using Windows 11. 
    - Improving management and security for over 20,000 existing computers using Windows 10 by updating them. 
    The project will also have lasting effects by improving how we supply computers in the future.

  • Watch the recording of the M/N/Documentum session | Read the Q&A
    The M drive is the personal networked drive available to all staff and students, while the N drive is a departmental shared area.
    Documentum is a document management system, used to store digital versions of paper documents such as scanned invoices.
    They will be migrated to the cloud (usually M: drive files to OneDrive and N drive files and Documentum to SharePoint) giving you more storage space, better and more secure collaboration, and better integration with other Microsoft 365 products, including automation tools.  

  • Watch the recording of the Exec Q&A session | Read the Q&A

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