Inside Track | Further Together

Professor Nick Plant, DVC: Research and Innovation, outlines our new campaign to celebrate the excellent and impactful work our talented research community has achieved together.

Inside Track | Further Together. July 2022

As part of our Fairer future for all initiative, we promised to do more to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our wonderful community of colleagues. 

During the next six months, our new campaign – Further Together – will showcase the achievements of many of those involved in delivering our transformational, fundamental and challenge-led research.  

We’ll celebrate people who’ve helped put Leeds at the centre of a global research and innovation community, focussing on the importance of the outstanding teamwork that exists across the University. Our achievements reflect the tireless contribution of academic, academic-related, technical and professional services colleagues. It’s clear we make bigger, faster breakthroughs when we work together, and we want to acknowledge this by shining a light on some of our collective achievements. 

The far-reaching impact of our ground-breaking research is a genuine community success story, and we recognise and value every person who’s been involved. We’ll highlight their talent, innovative-thinking, drive and expertise that enables us to continue to move forward, together. We will showcase how our diversity of thought is advancing knowledge, transforming lives and helping shape a fairer future for our communities, the region and the world.  

Amazing efforts

As a large, comprehensive University, it’s easy to be unaware of some of the brilliant research that occurs across campus. This has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a switch to remote working and the subsequent reduction in chance meetings and conversations. 

While we can’t showcase every research success story, we’ll promote as many case studies as possible, to explore what inspires and influences these amazing efforts.  

Our new Research Culture and Engaged for Impact Awards will launch our campaign on Tuesday 19 July. They’re a fantastic way to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our colleagues, and the work to make Leeds an inclusive, collaborative and supportive community. 

As well as contributing to the impact our research makes locally, nationally and internationally, we all have a role to play in celebrating these successes. Both award schemes will recognise the important collaborative work underway across our community, as well as the value of research impact in all its forms. Together, we arrange, enable, conduct and participate in vitally important, world-leading research, and we hope Further Together will inspire our entire community to get involved in helping transform lives and make a real difference across the globe.  

People and culture are at the heart of our community and central to the successful delivery of our new 10-year strategy. We should all feel extremely proud of what we’ve already achieved, and by celebrating this success, the hope is we can go even Further Together.

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