New Information Governance training

We’re rolling out a new Information Governance training programme for staff and postgraduate researchers to help improve security.

The recent cyber-security incident has shown how we, like all universities, are continually being targeted by hackers. One of the steps we were already taking to improve our security was to develop a new Information Governance training programme. This will be rolled out between April and June this year, replacing the existing IT Security Essentials and Advanced training in Minerva.  

There are two modules – Data Protection and Information Security – which will be hosted on a new platform called Learning Pool. The training will remain mandatory for all colleagues with a University username, whether paid, unpaid or external. It will also be made available to postgraduate researchers. 

The University takes its information security responsibilities very seriously. The new training will give you the knowledge to protect yourself, your data and the University from cyber-security threats and provide you with the tools you need to comply with data protection legislation, as well as signposting where you can go for further advice.  

We’re phasing the rollout to faculties and services, and you will receive an email from the Learning Pool system when you’ve been enrolled with further guidance on how to access the training. You must complete the programme within four weeks of receiving your enrolment email, even if you’ve completed the old training within the past year, or your account will be suspended. This is because it’s essential as a University that we’re protected from cyber-security threats and comply with data protection legislation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’ve recently received a reminder to take the old IT Security Essentials/Advanced training. Do I still need to do this? 

  • Advanced training – The IT Security Advanced training will be retired on 29 March this year. You don’t need to renew this training. 
  • Essentials training – If you’ve recently received a reminder to take the IT Security Essentials training, you should proceed as requested, but please be aware your completion won’t be recorded. No further reminders will be issued after 29 March this year, but the training will remain available until the new version has been fully rolled out. 

I’ve completed the IT Security Essentials training within the past year. Do I still need to complete the new training? 

Yes. All staff will be required to complete the new training within four weeks of enrolment, regardless of when they last completed the old training. 

How long will the training take? 

The two modules will take approximately one hour to complete. They can be taken together or separately, but both must be completed within four weeks of receiving the enrolment email. 

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