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Book your place at one of our open online sessions to help shape how our storage service will archive and protect your research data.

We have been working with our external consultancy partner, Red Oak, to understand the range of Research IT users and how we can best support them. We presented their findings and recommendations at open meetings in January and these findings, and the feedback from the sessions, will be used to develop the Research IT Strategy.

The research data lifecycle is also an important part of this, and we would like your feedback into tactical improvements we can make ahead of the full data lifecycle management work and into the wider strategic plans.

  • Do you need to keep research data for extended periods of time?
  • Is your storage space full of research files you rarely open, but need to keep?
  • Do you need to keep a second copy of some or all your research in case the primary is lost?
  • Do you need to keep research data available long-term, but only access it occasionally?

If so, we’d like to hear from you to understand your needs for archiving data and how often you need access to it. We’d also like to know if you need to protect your active data with a second copy and how often you want to copy data to the second location. 

Book your place on one of the sessions: 

Before attending the consultation sessions, please think about: 

  • How much data do you create across an ‘average’ 3-year research project?
  • How much of that data is critical (ie cannot be reproduced or re-downloaded from a partner or original source)?
  • How much data needs to be kept for 10 years - post research project closure - to satisfy funder requirements?
  • How much data needs to be kept as the basis of future research, and how long for?

Your insight will help shape the services to archive and protect your research data at the University.

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