New Mental Health Research Network

Colleagues are invited to attend a seminar hosted by a newly launched cross-university Mental Health Research Network at Leeds.

The network is led by Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones (School of Psychology) and Professor Sarah Waters (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies), with the support of the University’s newly founded Horizons Institute. Its purpose is to bring together researchers from across the University who are interested in mental health.

The network is focused on the following themes:

  • inequalities and public mental health
  • adolescent mental health
  • work, (un)employment and mental health
  • mental health and the outdoors/environmentalism; and
  • digital inequalities and mental health.

A range of activities will be organised during the next 12 months, including seminars and workshops, as well as early career researcher and impact events. The network will also be engaging with external partners.

Colleagues can now register to attend a seminar hosted by the network under the theme ‘work, (un)employment and mental health’, which is taking place from 2-3.30pm on Friday 28 January. The event will feature short presentations by Dr Sarah Kingsbury (School of Medicine), Professor Peter Howley (LUBS) and Dr Claire Launchbury (Central London Samaritans). 

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