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The W100 tracker is a series of surveys measuring the reputation of leading universities among various audiences – from prospective students, teachers and parents, to UK and international academics, opinion formers, alumni and the general public.

The surveys can give universities such as ours valuable insights into how we (and others) are seen by these different groups and track how our reputation may be changing over time. The survey series is spread out over the course of the year, with different audiences surveyed at different times. Throughout November, they are inviting the views of university staff.

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Who is running the survey?

The World100 carry out research and consultancy, and run events working with higher education institutions, most notably the World 100 Reputation Network, of which we are a member, to monitor the reputation of leading universities throughout the UK and across the world.

What will it show? And is it confidential?

The short survey will assess how university staff perceive their own institution, as well as which universities have the best reputation, and what they may be particularly known for. The questions are not designed to give an in-depth view, but rather a benchmark by which we can compare ourselves to other universities.

It is completely anonymous and all replies will be processed by The World100. We will be given summary data, but no information that can be traced back to individual respondents.

What about the results?

Once The World100 has analysed the responses, it will provide the University with a summary, details of which will be communicated to staff early next year.

What do I need to do?

The survey should take about five minutes to complete Complete the survey

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